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Stretch Mark Treatment


Stretch Mark Treatment - oils, creams and lotions

Phytaoil & Phytalotion – Treat your Skin Naturally


More details and buy PhytaoilWorried about your stretch marks? Phytaoil and Phytalotion can help you in the treatment of your stretch marks.


Phytaoil has been specifically designed for the treatment of stretch marks. Phytaoil is a blend of natural plant oils with the active ingredients of the whole rosehip extract and rosehip seed oil, which are used in the treatment of scarred and damaged tissue. The Phytaoil formula helps improve the appearance of stretch marks, as well as moisturise and tone your skin. The rosehip actives are helpful in regenerating and toning the skin, combined with vitamins A and E, and natural oils of apricot kernel, lavender, lime and geranium. Phytaoil is easily absorbed into the skin and contains no mineral oil, synthetic fragrances or colours.


Rosehips have been used traditionally for the treatment of scars and damaged skin. Rosehips have been proven to aid skin regeneration and it is for this reason Phytacol has used it as the major active ingredient for treating stretch marks. The combination of rosehip and other natural skin conditioning plant extracts and oils makes Phytaoil an effective treatment of stretch marks.


PhytalotionPhytalotion has essentially the same formulation as Phytaoil and is designed for those women who prefer a body lotion or cream to body oil. Phytalotion contains exactly the same active ingredients, the rosehip oil and extract, and the apricot kernel, lavender, lime and geranium oils. Phytalotion and Phytaoil are both designed for the treatment of stretch marks.


Stretch Mark Treatment - Phytaoil and Phytalotion are formulated to reduce the formation of stretch marks during changes in body size and help reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.


Phytaoil and Phytalotion come in convenient spray and pump dispensers. Massage the oil or lotion into the abdomen, thighs and hips, as directed on the packs.


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